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Black bean and avocado burritos recipe

Black bean and avocado burritos recipe

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Homemade black bean and avocado salsa is rolled inside a tortilla with cheese and warmed in the microwave, creating a tasty vegetarian meal.

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IngredientsServes: 8

  • Salsa
  • 4 avocados - peeled, pitted, and cubed
  • 3 tomatoes, diced
  • 2 (400g) tins black beans, rinsed and drained
  • 1 (400g) tin corn, rinsed and drained
  • 1 small bunch fresh coriander, chopped
  • 1/2 red onion, minced
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 1 tablespoon red wine vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon ground black pepper
  • Additional ingredients
  • 8 flour tortillas
  • 120g grated cheese
  • 4 tablespoons soured cream, or to taste

MethodPrep:30min ›Cook:1min ›Ready in:31min

  1. To make the salsa: Combine avocados, tomatoes, black beans, corn, fresh coriander, red onion, oil, vinegar, salt and black pepper in a bowl until well mixed.
  2. Spoon salsa into each tortilla and top with grated cheese. Roll tortilla around filling to create a burrito.
  3. Warm burritos on a microwave-safe plate in the microwave until cheese is melted and salsa is warmed, about 45 seconds. Top burritos with soured cream.

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by Lora Wade McKinney

S is an amazing recipe, light and simple. I added jalapeño juice and used a Mexican cheese blend and backed it at 350 for about ten minutes. It was a keeper for sure-11 May 2018

by Jennifer Overmyer Jones

I put slices of avocado on top instead of in the black bean mix so that we could eat left overs without the avocado turning brown. These are delicious!!-14 Jan 2018

by ayoungski

This is my new favorite recipe! These are delicious and easy. Makes a ton! One tip is make sure the avocados are ripe-11 Sep 2017

Sweet Potato Burrito Smothered in Avocado Salsa Verde

Where do you call home? Home used to be such a simple concept, but I’ve struggled to define it lately. For the first few years of life, home was where I lived with my parents in a small town near the Oklahoma panhandle. Home had brown tile floors that I tottered across at the heels of my red-haired cousin. My family, friends and belongings were all there. Things got more complicated when we moved to an Oklahoma City suburb and I left for college, but now that I’ve moved out of my home state, I really don’t know what or where home is.

I visited Oklahoma the week before last for the first time since moving to Kansas City. There I was laughing with my dearest friends around a table at our favorite Mexican restaurant, but my old apartment wasn’t mine any more. The town that I had lived in for the past eight years felt like home, once removed. I spent a few nights at my parents’ place, too. They moved to a bigger house after I left for college I still don’t know where all the light switches are. I suppose it will always be home since my parents are there but it feels a little empty now that my brothers have left the nest, too.

Here I am in Kansas City, which is feeling more like home. Everything has its place now, including Cookie, who is curled up by my feet on our new couch. We can call it home for now, I guess?

I’m not exactly sure what to call this burrito, either. I do love how Mexican food has a different word for every traditional incarnation of tortillas, cheese and fillings/toppings. Burritos, tacos, tostadas, huevos rancheros, quesadillas, nachos: each tasty in its own right.

What we have here is a lightly baked burrito of modest size—a borderline enchilada, really. It’s stuffed with roasted sweet potatoes, roasted bell peppers (I used jarred) and black beans, smothered in a zesty avocado sauce. I wanted to incorporate as much sauce as I possibly could in this burrito, so I just drowned the burrito in the stuff from above. At that rate, eating the burrito required a fork, so why bother rolling in the sides of the tortilla? Might as well sprinkle the insides with cheese and bake it for a few minutes so it all sticks together instead.

I had originally planned to make an avocado crema with sour cream, but after blending avocados in the food processor, it was evident that puréed avocados are plenty rich and creamy on their own. I thought about making a homemade salsa verde, but all the tomatillos I could find were subpar this late in the season. I skipped on over to the salsa aisle with an excuse to take a shortcut (who doesn’t like a good shortcut?).

At home, I blended the avocados with flavorful salsa verde, fresh lime juice, cilantro and garlic. The end result is an addictive avocado salsa verde reminiscent of the sauce covering my favorite burrito at the aforementioned Mexican restaurant, Pepe’s.

Maybe we don’t need a word for this super fresh burrito-enchilada hybrid after all. It’s good let’s leave it at that.

Rice and beans are an uber common dinner in countries around the world, and in many places, the popular pantry duo makes an appearance at breakfast, too. In this traditional Costa Rican breakfast, they’re made with scallions, minced garlic, onion, and bell pepper. Then, they’re topped with an egg for extra protein.

Photo: Cookie+Kate

Recipe Summary

  • 1 cup white rice
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • ½ sweet yellow onion, chopped
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 1 tablespoon chili powder, or more to taste
  • 1 tablespoon paprika
  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 1 teaspoon freshly cracked black pepper
  • 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • ¼ teaspoon ground cloves
  • ¼ teaspoon freshly ground nutmeg
  • 1 (15 ounce) can black beans, drained
  • 1 (8 ounce) can tomato sauce
  • 8 large flour tortillas, warmed
  • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro

Bring rice and water to a boil in a saucepan over high heat. Reduce heat to medium-low, cover, and simmer until the rice is tender and the liquid has been absorbed, 20 to 25 minutes.

Melt 1 tablespoon butter in a large skillet over medium heat. Cook and stir onion and garlic in hot butter until onion is translucent, 5 to 6 minutes. Melt 1 more tablespoon butter with onions and garlic stir chili powder, paprika, cumin, black pepper, cayenne pepper, cloves, and nutmeg into mixture. Cook, stirring often, for 2 minutes.

Stir black beans and tomato sauce into contents of skillet bring to a simmer, reduce heat to low, and cook until flavors blend, about 10 minutes. Remove from heat, stir cilantro into the sauce, and let cilantro wilt, about 5 more minutes.

Fill each tortilla with 1/2 cup cooked rice and 1/3 cup bean mixture.

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Divide refried beans rice and beef mixture among centers of tortillas in 4 inch long strip. 3 cups cooked rice i like to use uncle bens microwaveable ready rice for a quick option.

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Burrito dinner recipes. Lay flat pieces of foil on your table or counter. Roll the foil wrapper. Our top 10 bean burrito recipes these protein packed bean burrito recipes are perfect for meatless monday.

Make all the fillings. Whether you prefer spicy bean and cheese or succulent salsa topped steak these burrito recipes will. Add garlic and onion cook for 2 minutes until onion is lightly browned.

1 1 ounce packet taco seasoning mix. Add taco seasoning or use 1 packet store bought and cook for 1 minute. Vivian shows how to use an instant pot to meal prep breakfast.

How to meal prep burritos. All burrito recipes ideas chipotle chicken burritos. 1 cups refried beans or 1 cups drained and rinsed black beans.

Roll up into burritos and place seam side down in skillet. Place tortillas on work surface. Evenly top with 1 cup of the cheese.

One of our favorite portable mexican meals burritos can be personalized to suit all tastes. Fill with 14 cup of each filling then roll the burrito. Rice beans and meat.

6 large 10 inch flour tortillas i like to. Best ever smothered wet burritos recipe these beef and bean wet burritos are smothered with red sauce and melted cheese. Instant pot breakfast burrito.

Serve it with rice and beans or use as a filling for burritos or tacos. Beef and bean burritos. This rich sweet and tangy pork recipe cooks up easily in the slow cooker.

Heat oil in a skillet over high heat. Cup corn kernels. C 2019 general mills.

Add beef and cook breaking it up as you go until it turns from red to brown. Rees family favorite burritos. Get delicious burritos recipes including breakfast burrito recipes bean burritos chicken burritos and more burritos recipes.

Rees beef and bean burritos are a quick weeknight family dinner. Chop everything to a uniform consistency. Lay out all the tortillas on their pieces of foil.

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Delicious Black Bean Burritos

Healthy Recipe: Corn and Black Bean Burritos

2. Combine scallions, celery and corn in a small saucepan. Add just enough water to cover.

3. Cover, bring to a boil, and reduce heat to medium. Simmer for 5 mins. until vegetables soften. Drain vegetables. Set aside to cool.

4. Combine avocado, cilantro and beans in a large mixing bowl. Add cheese and salsa and mix.

5. When corn mixture has cooled slightly, add to avocado mixture.

6. In a large nonstick pan over medium heat, warm each tortilla for about 15 seconds on each side. Place each tortilla on a flat surface. Spoon 1/3 cup of the mixture into the center of the tortilla. Fold the top and bottom of the tortilla over the filling. Fold in the sides to make a closed packet.

7. Repeat with the remaining tortillas.

8. When all tortillas are wrapped, place in a baking pan and bake for 5 minutes, until burritos are warm and cheese is melted.

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Step 1

Preheat the oven to 350°F. Coat an 9x13 baking dish with cooking spray.

Combine chipotle and sour cream in a bowl. Purée half the beans in a food processor add to the sour cream mixture. Stir in the whole beans and corn until well combined. Gently stir in the avocado.

Warm the tortillas according to package directions. Working one at a time, spoon one-eigth of the bean mixture down the center of each. Roll the tortillas closed and place seam-side down in the prepared baking dish. Spoon the salsa over the tortillas and top with the shredded cheese. Cover and bake 20 minutes until cheese is melted and burritos are warmed through.

Chicken, Black bean + Avocado Siete Burritos

When I say I’ve had a weekend, I mean I’VE. HAD. A WEEKEND.

A big enough weekend that on Monday I could only imagine eating a big, cheesy burrito.

My birthday landed on a Thursday in COVID and prematurely I thought it would be prettttty tame. *narrator: it was not tame*

However I ended up getting to celebrate my womb independence from Thursday morning through late Sunday night and at 32 years of age, it did me dirty. Where did my tolerance go? Is it hiding somewhere with my fine line-free skin and my toe-head hair?? Apparently.

Monday came and I needed a hug in the form of a cheesy, juicy, chicken-stuffed burrito when I remembered that Siete now makes burrito-sized tortillas.

Wait, what’s a Siete.

Siete is a brand I’ve seen used a LOT in the kitchens of influencers not just from Dallas but really all over. The brand started in Texas after a family realized their daughter was gluten intolerant and grandma’s homemade flour tortillas were definitely NOT helping her cause. So they created a whole line of grain-free tortillas, chips, salsas and hot sauces (oh, dare I forget the Cashew Queso!!) that are really and truly the closest thing taste and texture wise to homemade flour tortillas that I have ever tried. They’re beyond delish.

So I drove my depleted booty to Whole Foods, masked up and got my grocery shopping on. I grabbed pre-marinated chicken breasts from the butcher counter (helllloooo cilantro lime!) and we were in business.

Here’s how I made my Chicken, Black Bean + Avocado Burritos:

  1. Cook the pre-marinated chicken breasts stovetop for 5 minutes per side.
  2. Let chicken cool while you prep other ingredients.
  3. If using Siete burrito sized tortillas, warm for 15 seconds each side before stuffing.
  4. Mix together greek yogurt + taco seasoning before spreading thinly on tortillas.
  5. Top with sliced chicken, rinsed black beans, sliced avocado and shredded cheese!

These burritos are fully customizable as well — here are some ideas on other ingredient combos!

  • Rotisserie chicken (time saver!!), roasted corn, jalapeños + cheddar
  • Refried pinto beans, sautéed bell pepper slices, shredded monterray jack
  • Marinated pork tenderloin, grilled pineapple, cotija cheese
  • Grilled shrimp, grilled onions and mozzarella shreds
  • The list goes on and on!

PRO TIP: WORK ONE BURRITO AT A TIME! The Siete tortillas need to be warmed first so they’re nice and pliable, then you can layer on ingredients before you roll tightly. If you don’t heat tortillas first, your tortillas will end up breaking in a big way (take it from someone who didn’t read the directions first. HA!).

Hope you enjoy these burritos! That’s a wrap!!

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Making a Vegan Burrito

The key to making burritos is not overdoing it on the filling and folding it correctly.

Gather all your ingredients and have them ready before you start building the burritos.

When grilling place seam side down so that it seals the burrito shut.

Drizzle on all the sauce and toppings.

How to fold a burrito

  1. Place just enough filling so that it take up the center of the tortilla and doesn’t spread over to the edges.
  2. Fold in the two sides.
  3. Fold up the bottom and roll up into a tight package.