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What Distinguishes High Quality Energy Bars from the Rest?

What Distinguishes High Quality Energy Bars from the Rest?

ZEGO energy bars use the right combination of ingredients that pack a healthy punch

The company takes careful measures to help people with allergies enjoy their products.

If you suffer from food allergies or Celiac disease, you are all too familiar with confusing ingredient and warning labels. Even if nuts aren't specifically listed in the ingredients, there always seems to be the obligatory "Processed in a facility that uses tree nuts, peanuts, ground nuts etc.." So is it safe or not?

The reason behind this ambiguity is that production facilities produce many different foods on a given day. So it might be peanut butter cups in the morning, breakfast cereal for a couple hours before noon, and energy supplements in the afternoon. It is rare and costly to have a production facility completely devoted to one product.

While ZEGO does use shared facilities that process the top eight allergens, they make sure their bars are produced first each day minimizing the potential for cross contact. They also have much more rigorous clean out procedures.

Few companies do post-production allergen testing but ZEGO tests a statistically representative sample of each batch and posts the results on their website by batch number. So if there are any trace allergens for a particular batch, you know the exact percentage. This data is accessible via QR Code affixed to each and every ZEGO wrapper. Simply scan it on your smart phone before buying to make sure it's safe for your tolerance levels.

Each person with a food allergy has his or her own level of sensitivity to that particular allergen. For example, some people have a severe reactions to peanuts if they consume just 1/500th of a nut, while other don’t react unless they have consumed five or six nuts.

Most importantly, ZEGO further mitigates allergen exposure by using the right combination of ingredients that pack a healthy punch without relying on nut protein. Low temperature roasted sunflower seeds, complex carbohydrate Quinoa, blood sugar balancing brown rice flour, and sweeteners used in moderation like rice syrup and organic agave yield a much lower glycemic index than cane sugar.