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The Supoon Scraping Spoon

The Supoon Scraping Spoon

The best spoon (no, seriously) for getting every last something out of a jar.

Welcome to One Simply Terrific Thing, our ongoing series highlighting the small tools and kitchen goods that make life better!

Many years ago I picked up one these silicone scraping spoons at a marketing event, and little did I know it would turn out to be one of my favorite kitchen tools ever.

The Mini Supoon from Dreamfarm ($9.50) is an 8-inch silicone spoon (also available in a longer 11-inch length!) that features a flat squeegee tip, a scooping head, and a bend in the handle that props the spoon up so the head doesn’t touch the counter.

It is the best spoon for getting every last something out of a jar.

I would have wasted cupfuls of peanut butter, jam, and mustard over the years were it not for this genius little scraper. The flat tip is key — it gets into every nook while the rest of the bendy, flexible head wipes clean the insides of any jar. Think there’s no way you have a tablespoon of mustard left for that recipe? Use this spoon and you’ll probably come up with two.

Cheers to good tools!

~ Cambria
Product and Lifestyle Director for Our Site

Called a “Mini Supoon” by the manufacturer Dreamfarm, this nifty spoon/spatula combo is the best thing for any cook.

I purchased it on a whim and have never been more thankful. It has a flat squeegee tip and flexible scraping sides which make it awesome for scraping every last bit of BBQ sauce, jelly or whatever out of a jar or container. With a nylon handle and silicone head, its clever bent handle lets the spoon portion sit up off of the counter so there’s never a mess left behind. Genius!

It’s dishwasher safe and BPA free, so you can purchase with confidence. And it’s cheap. Another handy feature: the spoon comes in measured sizes such as 1 teaspoon and other measurements. So when you are scraping out the last bit of something for a recipe, you know exactly how much you’ve got.

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After the holidays, it’s important to get back to smart eating habits. That’s why we’ve collected our healthiest meal kit recipes in a single, comprehensive "healthy eating" list. Establish good food habits - and keep them - by making these hearty soups and vegetable-forward dinners. They'll help keep your New Year's resolutions on track.

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Winter Vitality Bowl with Chicken and Vegetables In this colorful and filling grain bowl, carrots and beets are peeled and shredded raw—truly the best way to highlight their natural sweetness while alsolending a refreshing crunchy texture. (Be sure to wear gloves when grating beets to protect your skin from the juices.) Dijon mustard is the secret to a tangy and slightly creamy dressing.

Shiitake & Bok Choy Rice Bowl with Carrot Salad and Beans This meal is balance in a bowl. Slivers of shiitake mushrooms provide depth and umami to the rice, and chopped bok choy provides refreshing crunch. We added two bright toppings: grated carrots and adzuki beans, which we love for their reddish hue. Both are tossed in a punchy ginger dressing that will boost your immune system as the weather gets cooler.

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Mini Supoon is the super handy one teaspoon version of the Supoon, the world’s best cooking spoon by Dreamfarm. It has a flat squeegee tip and flexible scraping sides which make it awesome for scraping every last little bit out of a jar or container. When you put it down its head sits up so it’s great for serving dips and tapas too.

The mini supoon comes highly recommended by the whole team, we all have at least a couple on rotation in our kitchens.

Price is for one mini supoon only. Images with multiple items are for illustrative purposes only.

The Dreamfarm Supoon features a flat squeegee tip for scraping

The way the tip is constructed, it allows you to scrape hard causing you to be able to pick up that tough sauce that may be stuck on your pan. It won’t break either because of the specially made handle.

This spoon is truly great for home cooking and simple recipes. Many will find it to be a delight when it comes to wielding this spoon.

My Favorite Kitchen Tool: The Spoonula!

I&rsquove never been super excited about the prospect of having to scrape out the last bits of food from a jar. In fact, I used to despise it. I just didn&rsquot see the point of meticulously cleaning it out. All that work just to get a minuscule extra bit of food.

But then I married Reuben, AKA &ldquoExpert Jar Scraper.&rdquo At first I laughed at him for (what I thought of as) obsessively getting the last drop. But gradually it rubbed off on me, and now I take a sort of pride in cleaning out a container well.

Honestly, I still don&rsquot like how tedious the task is. But thankfully I&rsquove discovered a super handy kitchen tool to make the job easier: a spoonula!

What exactly is a spoonula, you ask? It&rsquos a spatula that&rsquos curved kind of like a spoon. Spoon + spatula = spoonula! Something about that shape makes scraping out food a dream.

Let&rsquos see how many times I can say &ldquoscrape&rdquo in some form in this post&hellip

Okay, let me show you a spoonula in action!

Exhibit A: a nearly-empty peanut butter jar, one of the more difficult things to scrape out.

The shape of the spoonula allows you to get up under the rim or the jar, which can be difficult for a knife to completely clean.

The flat end of the spoonula is also great for scraping across the bottom of the jar.

Look at that! It&rsquos not completely spotless, but it&rsquos pretty good in my book!

Let&rsquos move on to yogurt. We go through a lot of yogurt in our house, so we&rsquore scraping out tubs often. But a spoonula isn&rsquot just good for scraping out the tub&mdashit&rsquos also great for scooping out portions of yogurt into bowls. I love a double-purpose tool!

See? Even the larger spoonula made short work of this yogurt container.

Something else that can be quite annoying to scrape up is grease. I like to use the side or end of a spoonula to scooch it all over to one end of the pan&hellip

&hellipand then into a jar (or my throw-away grease can if it isn&rsquot savable).

Now, I don&rsquot think a spoonula is the only spatula that you should own. Different tasks require different spatula shapes (at least, that&rsquos how I justify my large spatula collection). But the spoonula is my personal favorite for jar-scraping.

How about you? Do you like to get everything out of a container? What&rsquos your favorite tool for the job?

Supoon Silicone Spoon - Red, Mini

Mini Supoon is the super handy one teaspoon version of our Supoon, the world&rsquos best cooking spoon. It has a flat squeegee tip and flexible scraping sides which make it awesome for scraping every last little bit out of a jar or container. When you put it down its head sits up so it&rsquos great for serving dips and tapas too.

- Dimensions: L 20.5cm / 8.1-in x W 2.5cm / 1-in
- Materials: Nylon handle and core with LFGB grade silicone head.
- Premium-grade silicone is heat resistant to 260°C / 500°F
- Dishwasher safe.

We can ship to any address within Canada. Note that due to restrictions on some products, we are not shipping outside Canada.

- IN-STORE PICKUP / CURBSIDE CONTACTLESS PARKING PICKUP: Free (option available to customers with a billing address located in British Columbia).

- VANCOUVER Flat Rate Shipping: $13.00
- BRITISH COLUMBIA Shipping Rate starting as low as: $16.00

- ALBERTA, MANITOBA, SASKATCHEWAN Shipping Rate starting at $17.25 for 500g max parcel weight or as low as $23.21
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- When you place an order, we will estimate shipping for you based on the availability of your items, and the shipping option(s) you choose.
- Please also note that the shipping rates for many items we sell are weight-based. To reflect the policies of the shipping companies we use, all weights will be rounded up to the next full pound.

Dreamfarm Mini Supoon Sit Up Scraping Spoon Assorted Colours

A boon for busy cooks and hungry teens, the Mini Supoon is a sit-up scraping and cooking spoon that doubles as an accurate 5ml measuring spoon. Invented in Australia by the Dreamfarm, it’s a truly multi-talented piece of kitchen kit – so much more than ‘just’ a teaspoon. With eight colours to choose from.

Built-in Spoon Rest – The bend in the handle lifts the bowl of the spoon off your worktop to keep surfaces hygienically clean, or it can be hooked over the rim of a jar or bowl and it won’t slide away.

Flexible Edges – Strongly made, the silicone bowl of the spoon has flexible edges and a flat tip, specially designed for cleaning out jars and mixing bowls. Originating down under, it’s been tested on Vegemite jars, so you can rest assured that not a scrap of your favourite breakfast spread will be left behind.

Long and Narrow – The narrow profile of the spoon fits into spice jars and, as it’s long-handled, it can get right to the bottom of big jars so the last bits won’t be wasted – you’ll never be beaten by a sticky mayonnaise jar again.

Accurate Measure – Ideal for cooking and baking when you’re following a recipe, or for portion control of condiments, the Mini Supoon is a standard 5ml teaspoon measure.

Non-Stick Friendly – Because it’s made from silicone, it’s heat-resistant up to 260°C and won’t scratch your non-stick pans if you’re stirring an ingredient into a sauce.

About Dreamfarm

A young company of designers from Brisbane in Australia with some very strict design principles:
- Make it work as good as it looks – even on the 1000th use, not just the first time.
- A product only matters if it’s useful – because they know that design failures are dust collectors.

Dreamfarm is a place where ideas grow, and every millimetre of everything they design exists for a reason – their aim is to make the world’s best kitchen tools and gadgets, and from what we’ve seen, they’re doing a pretty good job so far.

Morning Chaos With Kids

My daughter has morning marching band practice. We leave here by 6:30 am. Today, I woke up at 6:15 am, got my keto Starbucks coffee and whipped up this recipe (and took photos!)

We left here at 6:32 am and if the dog had gotten her butt in the car, rather than running around chasing animals &ndash it would have been 6:30 am.

I set the oven to go off in 20 minutes, just in case I was delayed at all. When I finished dropping her off at the school, and walked into the house &ndash there was 4 minutes left on the oven timer! No burnt ham egg cups, SUCCESS! I need more keto breakfast meals like this that feed the family, and this keto mom!

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Quick Bites – How about this? Homemade edible cookie dough! Food Network tells us exactly how to go about it, offering peanut butter , chocolate chip , and birthday cake versions. The latter mixes white chocolate chips and sprinkles into the cookie dough. Be sure to note the essential flour toasting step in the Cook’s Note shown for each recipe. />In listing ways to boost your immunity, Clean Plates notes these foods: elderberry, garlic, colorful fruits and vegetables, black and green tea. Here’s the full story . />Prefer to drink one of these boosters? See below in our Cocktail Hour Buzz.

Shopping Finds – When a condiment, despite its origins in a single small food stall, has chef and celeb enthusiasts, logo clothing, a fanzine, an appreciation society, and now a presence in 30 countries – it’s probably worth a taste, huh? Called Lao Gan Ma, it’s an amped up chilli oil in several varieties and be forewarned, it really is a little addictive. Here’s a story about it. And if you can’t find it locally, you can order from Amazon . This would be useful for any of us, but also what a fun gift for any cooking friend. Called a Supoon – Silicon Sit-up Scraping Spoon , those few words telegraph its two main functions. One, the “squeegee” edge to scrape a bowl or pan clean. Second, the off the counter design “to keep it clean.” It also nicely has measuring lines. And I would add one more perk – if the pic is accurate, it lets you measure “hands free.” On Amazon, other colors too, though some may not always be available.

This week’s featured CS-designed, Zazzle-crafted item – Pug mug! Are these just about the cutest, most lovable little guys. T-shirt available too. See both, plus other breeds and our Shelter Dog design right here on CS on our Eclectic Mall page.

Kitchen Talk – I love fresh garlic, but sometimes garlic powder can be so convenient. Even Cook’s Country says don’t “dis” it as it “works well alongside other spices in everything from dry rubs to chili, mashed potatoes, and garlic bread.” They add, just use it right by first hydrating it with a bit of water. OK, from now on then. /> KitchenAid has announced that its 2021 color of the year is Honey, calling it “a reminder of the sweetness of coming together in the kitchen.” Well we’ll second that, and in fact their rendition really is a nice warm, cozy color. />Need to thin a tomato based sauce? Instead of water add extra flavor with a bit of vegetable juice.

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Feature – Aunty Peggy’s Ham & Beef Tavern Chili

She was one of my dad’s three sisters. Their uncles, my great uncles, owned taverns in the Chicago suburbs, and served cups of this chili gratis to their patrons.

I don’t know the dates of operation for those establishments. The family was sort of vague about that.

Decades ago, Aunty Peggy’s tavern chili won a recipe contest conducted by the Chicago Tribune. I don’t know which was the greater thrill for her, the win itself or seeing her picture in this prestigious paper.

Much as I love this stuff, a friend in Chicago probably makes it even more than I do. She likes it in its pure form but recently discovered it’s even better with smoked ham.

I use that too now. I also like a bit more chili powder and a couple of tablespoons of cumin. Depending on the heat level in the chili beans, I may add some hot sauce.

It’s tasty and satisfying just as is, but toppings are good too. Here I used cheddar, sour cream and a bit of green onion.

Next week – Bailey’s Chocolate Cheesecake Pots, hello St. Pat’s Day

Have a cuppa in Alexa’s room – recipes & more

You don’t have to have an Amazon Echo Show to tap into the particular tidbits we’ve linked below, drawn from its vast culinary bounty.

Just pour a cup and let’s talk food with Alexa. We also show the actual requests for those who are Echo owners, who should also note that in many cases she guides you step by step through the recipes.

Alexa says request: How do I make chicken pot pie by Wolfgang Puck? The first part of that title tells you we’re talking comfort food and the second part says it’s going to be something special. And it is, because here classic meets upgrade. As a bonus Chef Puck himself delivers the demo. And as another perk, there’s a tip on checking sauce consistency that can be applied well beyond this dish. Thanks, Tasty, for giving us this recipe .

Alexa says request: How do I make chocolate dipped cannoli cupcakes? Is there any part of that title that isn’t a winner. And what I like even further is that it’s based on a cake mix, and that instead of hollowing out the cupcakes they’re just kind of smooshed down to make room for the filling inside and then also piled up to then be dipped in chocolate. Then looking back at the promise in the title, yep, that filling is classic cannoli including the mini chocolate chips. Thanks again! Tasty, for this boffo recipe and demo too.

My request: What’s the best way to store cookies ? At room temperature in an airtight container, then should be good for 2 weeks. If you want, put plastic wrap between the cookies to preserve their moisture. But if the cookies are made with dairy products in the frosting or filling then store in the fridge. Cookies can also be stored in the freezer, though not recommended for frosted ones.

And this week’s unexpected thing we found that Alexa can do – recommend a recipe – when you request this she will ask if you want to search by dish or ingredient.

Would you like your own Echo Show?

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Elderberry and as well elderflower are popular ingredients for drinks, both alcoholic and non, usually added as a syrup. Both of these gifts from the elder tree are often credited with boosting immunity. Here’s a google link to cocktail recipes for both. These Amazon pages feature the syrup and a lot more. Elderberry Elderflower Cheers!

Does your grocery store have these? Crafted of wild caught salmon swirled around cream cheese with shallots and capers, they’re tailor made for the snack table. Cut a bagel in half, then each half in 4 or 6, top each piece with a pinwheel and voila – appetizers! Can sprinkle with dill weed as shown here, or tuck a cuke slice underneath, e.g. Would also taste good on crackers, pretzel rolls, rye bread I think.

Have teetotalers in your circle? Or should I say “teatotalers”. A recent find may have the adult beverage crowd setting aside their glasses for a cup of what I recently found – tea that tastes like birthday cake. First the bad news – the found is lost. Now the good news – google has actually multiple sources for this treat. And these are on Amazon .

Amy Reily’s newsletter this month features an article that is perfect for the times, perfect for lovers of wine. Titled, “How to Host a Zoom Wine Tasting,” it actually covers both joining an existing Zoom wine tasting as well as hosting a virtual tasting of your own.

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