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Spice mix for barbecue recipe

Spice mix for barbecue recipe

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I use this spice mix to season meat of any kind for barbecue. It will keep in an airtight jar for 3 months.

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IngredientsMakes: 1 small jar

  • 1 tablespoon dark brown soft sugar
  • 2 teaspoons paprika
  • 2 teaspoons ground cumin
  • 2 teaspoons dried oregano
  • 1 pinch cayenne pepper
  • 2 teaspoons dried thyme

MethodPrep:10min ›Ready in:10min

  1. Whisk together the brown sugar, paprika, cumin, oregano, cayenne pepper and thyme. Store in an airtight container until ready to use.

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Homemade Barbecue Spice Rub

Mix the ingredients. Rub on the meat and let marinate from 30 minutes to overnight. Then barbecue and enjoy!


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Not quite sure if your dining companions can take the heat? This homemade BBQ rub recipe features mainly warm and smoky spices, including cumin and paprika. A pinch of cayenne and spoonful of ground pasilla or ancho chile pepper add just enough spice to balance out the brown sugar.

If you’re seeking a big-batch spice blend, try this sweet and spicy mix. Ideal as a BBQ chicken rub or on a big brisket, leftovers of this paprika, cumin, and chili powder blend last nicely for up to 6 months. (Store in a tightly-covered container and portion out what your servings  in a small bowl each time you use the recipe to prevent cross-contamination.)

Barbecue Spice Mix Seasoning

Barbecue Spice Mix Seasoning makes perfect fries even better.

I started thinking about this barbecue spice mix seasoning several months ago when I had breakfast at a hotel restaurant. The hash browns they served were lightly dusted with a tasty seasoning mix before being served, which made them all the more delicious.

That reminded me of the barbecue spice mix seasoning blends that I&rsquove often seen in restaurants in my travels, especially in the southern US. They are often found on the table with the other available condiments and seasonings.

BBQ spice hash browns are fantastic with grilled steak.

Many individual recipes are closely guarded secrets of the individual establishments. I always have to try to taste the seasoning on its own to see if I can guess some of the ingredients.

I like to use Russet Potatoes for french fries for a crispy outside & fluffy inside.

The best Barbecue Spice Mix as a shake on seasoning.

The best of these shake-on seasonings have smoky, spicy, sweet and salty elements, although many have too much salt for my taste. I am not a huge fan of many salty foods.

Onion and garlic are also essential as the background flavours in the mix. I like to keep the garlic to a minimum though, so that it doesn&rsquot overpower the other flavours, which it can easily do.

Barbecue Spice Seasoning on Hash Browns.

Yesterday, while I was home alone and cooking for myself, I decided on lamb chops, which quick I roasted in a similar manner to my Worcestershire Butter Roast Beef .

I thought perhaps that I would have them with some Smoked Paprika Roasted Potatoes because smoked paprika and lamb are a favourite of mine. It was then I thought that some quickly fried hash browns would be quicker because the chops were only roasted for about 20 minutes.

Getting the flavour right.

Thinking about the seasoning on those hotel restaurant hash browns and wanting to replicate those barbecue spice mix seasoning blends from down south, I set out to give it a try.

There were several tweaks, tastings and several glasses of water to clean my taste buds along the way. In the end I was satisfied with the balance of flavours and when I dusted the fresh crispy fried hash browns with the seasoning.

The first thing that came to mind was barbecue flavour potato chips. Success!

Perfect to toss with french fries straight after cooking.Barbecue Spice Mix Seasoning makes perfect fries even better.

Barbecue Spice Mix taste test

Spouse and Noah came home from work at the same time and found the cold leftover hash browns on the counter which I intended to reheat in the oven for them to try.

They started popping them into their mouths cold and declaring them &ldquoabsolutely delicious&rdquo. I shooed them away and reheated them on a parchment lined cookie sheet. They promptly devoured them all.

BBQ spice hash browns are fantastic with frilled steak.

I can&rsquot wait to try this seasoning on shoestring fries, sweet potato fries, onion rings and even Deep Fried Pickles . I am really looking forward to the grilling season ahead to try the seasoning on plain grilled chicken, steak or pork chops.

I&rsquom thinking it would be excellent to boost the flavour of grilled asparagus and other veggies too. I&rsquoll betting that this blend will become a pantry mainstay in this house&hellip and maybe yours too.


Within a couple of days we had used this seasoning mix on several things but I just had to try my hand at sprinkling it onto some homemade potato chips! Spectacular!

The best BBQ flavour chips I&rsquove ever tried and with all natural ingredients PLUS you control the salt. Perfect! See recipe notes for tips on making potato chips at home.

Looking for barbecue side dish inspiration?

We have plenty more summer side dish inspiration to explore. Everything from baked beans & corn bread to deliciously different potato and pasta salads. Be sure to check out our collection of 35 Best BBQ Side Dishes .

Originally published March 2017.

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Basic Barbecue Rub and Seasoning

We’re well into grilling season, and if there’s only one ingredient you keep handy for grilling this summer, it should be this Basic Barbecue Rub and Seasoning.

Whether you’ll be barbecuing chicken, burgers, steak or pork, this is the only seasoning you’ll ever need. It’s slightly sweet, thanks to the brown sugar, and slightly spicy thanks to chili powder, cayenne, mustard powder and paprika.

And of course there’s a healthy portion of onion and garlic powder, and salt and pepper too. I’ve tried a lot of expensive, gourmet barbecue rubs, and this one beats them all. Best of all, it’s so easy to mix up a big batch, and at a fraction of the cost of those fancy seasoning mixes.

It’s also a super easy neighbor gift to bring along to all those backyard barbecues you’ll get invited to this summer. Not to mention, a perfect way to welcome new folks to the neighborhood.

I like to make a big batch of this barbecue seasoning and store it in a glass jar in my spice cabinet. You can even freeze it if you want it to really last a long time.

I most often use this to season chicken breasts and burgers, but it’s absolutely amazing on ribs or pork tenderloin. And you don’t have to use it just for grilling. It works if you’ll be cooking indoors too.

I’m a huge fan of sweet and spicy flavors, so this seasoning mix is just about perfect, if you ask me. Feel free to adjust the amounts to suit your tastes. If you like things super spicy, for example, throw in some extra cayenne pepper.

I always have chicken breasts in my freezer and a jar of this barbecue seasoning in my cupboard. That way I’m ready to fire up the grill at a moment’s notice and have a quick and easy summer meal on the table in no time!

Mexican Spice Recipe

Mexican spice recipes Hickory House used Cains barbecue spice blend no longer made as its dry rub. The pod of a flowering vine in the orchid family native to Mexico and South America.

Homemade Mexican Spice Blend Plant Based Life 123 Recipe Homemade Mexican Mexican Spices Seasoning Recipes

Add sugar beating until light and fluffy.

Mexican spice recipe. Ingredients 12 cup chili powder. Spice up any boring salad dressing chip dip or hummus with a tablespoon or so of the seasoning. Taco Seasoning Recipe In a jar or small mixing bowl combine chili powder red pepper flakes cayenne pepper oregano paprika cumin garlic powder onion powder kosher salt and pepper.

Shake or stir to combine. Drop batter by teaspoonfuls 3 inches apart. Mexican Seasoning Mix- Sprinkle some of this spice on prawns with a squeeze of lime juice and some oil and marinade before flashing up in the skillet- YUM.

Add flour ginger allspice cinnamon and cloves stirring well. Add egg and vanilla beating well. In Mexican cuisine it is used to flavor beans soups and stews.

Sprinkle liberally on your popcorn. Stir a pinch into creamy soups such as tomato bisque cream of mushroom etc. This recipe is author Baylesss interpretation of that now unobtainable product.

The mix can be used as a base to add some panache to any Mexican dish or on its own for seasoning fajitas and tacos. But if you prefer your grub a little hotter add a little chilli powder or alternatively we recommend using fresh chillies and coriander when you are making the dish. We havent made the seasoning mix too spicy so that the whole family can enjoy it.

Mexican cuisine incorporates the cooking of ancient Aztec and Mayan Indians with ingredients and cooking techniques and then the invasion from the Spanish in the 1500s bought new spices fruit and livestock to the region and new flavors and recipe. Mexican oregano is different from Mediterranean oregano so make sure the label says Mexican oregano when you purchase it. It pairs well with paprika cumin and chile peppers.

Store in an airtight container until ready to use. Create a quick and delicious Mexican Salad Bowl by cooking some beefturkey or chicken mince off in a little oil with a couple of tablespoons of Mexican Spice Mix and a couple of teaspoons. The most commonly used herbs and spices in Mexican cooking include cilantro chili powder Mexican oregano cumin cinnamon cloves anise cocoa powder and epazote.

Mix with sour cream or plain yogurt to make an instant creamy topping or sauce.

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This Nigerian Spice Mix Is Prime for Grilling Season

Of the five Nigerian dishes I discussed with chef Kwame Onwuachi a few months ago, none has woven its way into my regular cooking routine as much as his recipe for suya, the grilled skewers of beef marinated in a piquant spice mix that are a staple of many street food vendors in that country and other parts of West Africa.

I haven't increased my beef intake, though. (Far from it, in fact.) And I'm not constantly grilling the cubes of chicken or spiced shrimp Onwuachi offers as alternatives in his recipe, either. I don't even own a grill! What I mean when I say that Onwuachi's suya recipe has improved my cooking is that I am using that delicious spice mix constantly.

Suya spice, also called yaji, is a fiery blend of ground chiles, ginger, garlic and onion powders. It also usually contains fermented locust beans or bouillon cubes, and has one other ingredient that really sets it apart: ground peanuts. Traditionally the peanuts are ground into butter and then put through a process to extract excess oil, after which the nut paste is fried or roasted into a brittle mass known as kuli kuli. The kuli kuli is then ground again and mixed with the spices mentioned above for an earthy, nutty, deeply savory and vibrant mix of flavors.

Mixed suya skewers: you can't have just one.

Photo by Joseph De Leo, Food Styling by Pearl Jones

Onwuachi's recipe doesn't include this drying step, but if you want to make a batch of yaji to keep around the house for other uses, you may want to go through the process—or, take the smart shortcut some cooks in the African diaspora have deployed by replacing the ground nuts with peanut powder, a product found in health food stores that is essentially peanut flour (or ground peanuts with most of the oil extracted). You can also buy suya spice mixed and ready to go from Etsy and Amazon, but note that, like many spice blends, ingredients can vary from brand to brand.

Using yaji on the grill will improve your summer. It works well with beef, chicken, lamb, goat, and shrimp. But just because it was made for the grill, doesn't mean it has to stay there. Onwuachi says he likes to "dust brussels sprouts with suya spice" then roast and "drizzle them with honey." He tosses freshly popped popcorn with the hot and savory spice and has been known to add a few spoonfuls to a meaty braise.

In my own kitchen, I've swapped out the shawarma spices in my favorite roasted tofu recipe to make an unbelievably good pita sandwich. I've dusted sweet potato wedges with yaji then roasted them before setting them atop a quick yogurt sauce. I've added a bit to a pot of stewing chickpeas and tomatoes. I've blended a spoonful into an easy (and spicy and delicious) hummus. And I've had that popcorn Onwuachi mentioned on more than one occasion.

You can add 1 or 2 teaspoons to a simple vinaigrette, taste, and adjust that amount up as you see fit. Or try it in any dishes where youɽ use another spice mix or paste, such as jerk spice or harissa. The heat and high level of umami means that yaji also likes sweetness and richness, so it's great paired with fatty things like braised pork, sweet things like roasted carrots, or sweet and rich things like these savory suya buns. Or, you could go straight for the original: break out the grill and get some Nigerian-inspired skewers cooking for dinner this summer.

Recipe Summary

  • 1/3 cup coarse salt
  • 1/4 cup packed light-brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup paprika
  • 2 tablespoons ground black pepper
  • 2 tablespoons dried oregano
  • 2 tablespoons dried thyme leaves
  • 1 tablespoon cayenne pepper (optional)
  • Cumin
  • Coriander
  • Chili Powder
  • Turmeric
  • Curry powder
  • Ground ginger
  • Cardamom
  • Dried tarragon
  • Marjoram
  • Rosemary
  • Dill or basil

In a small bowl, combine all the ingredients, using your hands to break up the sugar.

Replace some of the paprika with cumin, coriander and chili powder.

Replace some of the oregano and thyme with turmeric, curry powder, ground ginger, and cardamom.

Replace some or all the oregano and/or thyme with dried tarragon, marjoram, and rosemary, dill, or basil. Omit the cayenne pepper.

Get smoking!

We hope you love this recipe as much as we do. It’s great for beginners or veteran pitmasters alike, it’s a recipe we keep coming back to. If you want to more recipes from Aaron Franklin you can check out his cookbook or watch his show on PBS. And if this recipe seems intimidating, you can always test the waters by trying this easy small brisket recipe by