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Kid Friendly Picnic Bites

Kid Friendly Picnic Bites

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Perfect foods for both you and your kids on a picnic!

Fun picnic bites your kids will love!

School is out and so is the sun, so this is the perfect time to pack up the picnic basket and head out for a day of fresh air and good food with your kids.

You have the umbrella and the blanket, but what about food that both you and your young ones will enjoy and that won't leave a mess to clean up afterward? Don’t even begin to stress, because we have you covered.

We've come up with a list of savory and sweet options for snacks, meals, drinks, and desserts that your kids are guaranteed to adore on your next picnic. They are easy to assemble, delicious (of course), and a bit out of the ordinary, which will pump up your picnic a notch with some extra flavor flare. Of course, make any adjustments according to your taste, but absorb the inspiration. Extra points for making these dishes with your kids before you head out!


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