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Tiramisu recipe with cherries

Tiramisu recipe with cherries

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Tiramisu recipe with cherries


The cherries are passed with a blender until a fine puree is obtained. Beat the cream with the powdered sugar, added gradually, until the cream is obtained. Rub the mascarpone cheese until it becomes creamy. It can be replaced with fresh cheese, finely mashed and mixed with 2-3 tablespoons of sour cream.

Mix the cherry puree with the whipped cream and mascarpone cheese. If you use fresh cheese or the resulting cream is too soft, add an extra teaspoon of gelatin, soaked and melted on a steam bath.


Line a cake tray with cling film and place a first layer of biscuits, first passed through the coffee. Put half of the cream, another layer of biscuits soaked in coffee and the rest of the cream. In the cream you can add a few whole cherries, for an even more refreshing taste. Sift cocoa on top, with a fine sieve. Leave in the fridge for 3-4 hours. Take the cake out of the pan, place it on the plate and dress it on the edges with half biscuits. Decorate with cherries and grated chocolate.

Enjoy your meal!

Cake with poppy seeds and cherries

Explore Vacariu Gabriella & # 8217s board & quot Chec & quot on Pinterest. Fasting cake in colors Fluffy, fragrant and cheerful check. CHERRY AND COCOA CAKE Coffee Recipes, Healthy Desserts, Recipes. Baby Food Recipes, Dessert Recipes, Vegans. If it's for a tart then yes, you can put gelatin without problems because you won't put anything else on top of the cream or even if you put fruit.

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Tiramisu Ingredients With Coffee And Marsala

  • 500 grams of Mascarpone
  • 250 grams of whipped cream
  • 5 yolks
  • 150 grams of sugar
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 10 grams of gelatin (which you can give up if you mount the dessert in a tray or in glasses)
  • 400 grams of Savoiardi biscuits
  • 400 ml. medium sweetened concentrated coffee (if you are preparing dessert for children, you can replace it with decaffeinated coffee or even with a chocolate syrup)
  • 40 ml. Marsala (optional, if you do not want alcohol in your dessert, do not put)
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
  • black cocoa (unsweetened) for sprinkling

Preparation Tiramisu without raw eggs & # 8211 cream

1. First of all, I hydrated the gelatin in enough cold water to cover it well. I opted for this variant of stabilized cream with a little gelatin because I really wanted a Tiramisu mounted in the form of a cake, in which the cream would keep its shape well.

2. Place the yolks in a large, heat-resistant bowl. Put a saucepan of water on the fire, on the mouth of which the egg yolk bowl should fit well. The bottom of the bowl should not touch the boiling water. Add salt and sugar over the yolks. Beat in a bain-marie until well heated and begin to thicken. Then remove the vessel from the heat. Be careful, at 65 degrees Celsius the yolks start to thicken, but from 70 degrees it already turns into an omelet! Mix the yolks with a mixer until they become frothy. Add the gelatin well drained and squeezed in the hands and dissolve, stirring constantly, while the yolks are still warm.

3. Well drained whey mascarpone cheese (if necessary) mix vigorously with a wooden spoon until soft. Immediately mix the marscarpone cheese with the yolk composition, cooled to room temperature. It must be neutral to the touch of the hand.

4. Beat the cream for the cream until it hardens well. Be careful, whipped cream should be very cold before beating. Care will also be taken not to fight too much. Once it hardens, we don't beat it anymore, otherwise we risk turning it into butter. Add the vanilla extract and marsala over the cream and mix briefly for just a few seconds. Incorporate the whipped cream into the composition with the yolk and mascarpone, so that we lose as little as possible of the air accumulated in the whipped cream.

Tiramisu assembly without raw eggs

5. Once the cream is ready, and you will see how quickly this cream will harden, practically while you are mixing it it will already have the right density to pour it with the pos without flowing, we can create the layers of biscuits directly on a plate soaked in coffee alternating with cream, characteristic of Tiramisu dessert. The coffee in which you will soak the biscuits is ideal to be a good quality espresso that you can sweeten as you like. Not at all, because the biscuits are already sweet. You can also add a drop of Marsala to this coffee, if you wish. Savoyard biscuits are briefly soaked in coffee. They soak very quickly with the liquid, being dry, so we do not need to leave them in the syrup for a long time.

6. I usually make tiramisu from two layers of biscuits. Basically, I lay a first layer at the base. Add a thick layer of cream (more than half the total amount) then another layer of biscuits soaked in coffee. Finally, whip the rest of the cream with a poche à douille, making small round mounds above the dessert. After I have exhausted the cream and the biscuits, I put the tiramisu in the fridge for two hours.

7. Just before serving, I powder the dessert with a generous layer of unsweetened, unsweetened cocoa, which I pass through a thick sieve.

Serve tiramisu without raw eggs

8. And then, of course, all we have to do is enjoy it. Not for nothing is this dessert the most beloved of all Italian desserts and one of the most beloved in the world. The combination of coffee, the subtle scent of vanilla, the aromas of marsala and bitter cocoa always make you dream beautiful.

Equally successful and appreciated is the Tiramisu dessert without raw eggs mounted in glasses, in individual portions.

Or you can opt for a variant mounted in a deep tray, suitable for the whole family. A less spectacular presentation but the same festival of tastes and textures! In addition, for the variants in the glass or in the deep tray, there is no need for gelatin at all, for stabilization.

Finally, I invite you to watch the video tutorial made by chef Pietro De Felice. Even if we do not understand Italian, we certainly all understand the universal language of gastronomy that creates lust and joy.

Tiramisu recipe without raw eggs, video tutorial

Recipe for ravioli quatro formaggi, with sage and wild mushrooms. Roxana Blenche prepared it & icircn episode 2 Hello Chef

For the pasta dough

- 500 g of flour
- 3 eggs
- 90 ml of olive oil
- salt

The pasta dough was made by Dorian, even if he spread flour everywhere, to Roxana's amusement. The two also talked about their dogs because they both have the same breed of dogs, the French bulldog.

Pasta filling

- 200 g ricotta
- 100 g parmesan
- 150 g gorgonzola
- 100 g of ripened br & acircnză
- 100 ml sm & acircnt & acircnă liquid
- 150 g of walnut kernels
- salt
- pepper

Dorian scraped the Parmesan cheese and mixed the cheeses. After the sage and walnuts have been chopped, add them to the cheese mixture. Roxana and Dorian rolled up the pasta sheets and prepared the cheese filling.

After obtaining the ravioli, they made a sauce in one pan and in another Roxana proposed to make some sage chips.

- 20 ml of olive oil
- 100 g butter
- Fresh sage
- 100 ml sm & acircnt & acircnă liquid
- 70 g parmesan
- salt
- pepper

After mixing the ingredients for the sauce, add the sliced ​​mushrooms and then the ready-cooked ravioli. The plating created by Dorian, under Roxana's guidance, was an exceptional one.

5 eggs
5 tablespoons oil
1 cup sugar
1 cana faina

Beat the yolks a little, then add the oil.
Separately beat the egg whites with the sugar until they become hard foam.
Pour the yolks over the egg whites and mix lightly.
At the end, add the flour in the rain and mix from the bottom up.
we put the dough in the tray, and on top we put the cherries from place to place.
Put in the oven on the right heat and & # 8230
Good appetite, we had!

Try this video recipe too


300g.cherry ,, 2dl.concentrated black coffee ,, 4 tablespoons amaretto (almond liqueur) ,, 80g.ciscots ,, 4 egg yolks ,, 120g.sugar ,, 1 vanilla powder ,, 2dl.cherry juice ,, 250g .mascarpone ,, 250g.sweet cow cheese ,, 1 tablespoon cocoa

Difficulty: low | Time: 1h

Tiramisu recipe with zabaglione cream

  • 3 egg yolks
  • 100 grams of sugar
  • 100 ml white wine (Marsala)
  • 250 grams of mascarpone
  • 230 grams of sour cream

for countertop: 400 grams of Savoyard biscuits
for syrup: coffee or cherry compote syrup
for decoration: cocoa and grated chocolate

  • How to prepare tiramisu with zabaglione cream:
  1. To make the cream, we start by mixing the yolks well with the sugar until they become foam. Add the wine and incorporate it well into the cream.
  2. Put the cream on the fire in a bain marie, stirring constantly so that it doesn't stick to the bottom, for about 10-15 minutes until it thickens.
  3. When it is ready, give the cream cold.
  4. Mix the cooled egg composition with sour cream and mascarpone cream, mixing everything well.
  5. We syrup each biscuit, passing it quickly through coffee or compote juice.
  6. Place a layer of biscuits on the bottom of a bowl.
  7. Divide the cream in two and put a part over the first layer of biscuits.
  8. On top we add another layer of pre-soaked biscuits and then the rest of the cream and then finish with a last layer of biscuits, soaked as well.
  9. Sprinkle over the last layer of cocoa with a sieve and grate a few pieces of chocolate over.
  10. Let cool until the next day when we cut the cake and serve it.

Have a good appetite!

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Method of preparation

1. The cherries are cleaned of seeds, and if we use seedless compote, they are drained. Almond biscuits are sprinkled with 3 tablespoons of sweet wine. Mascarpone is mixed with sweet cheese, the rest of the wine (2 tablespoons), with the juice and lemon peel. Crush the almonds and, except for 2 tablespoons of almonds, incorporate the rest into the mascarpone cream.

2. Leave 4 biscuits aside, and the rest is divided into 4 glass bowls. Put the cherries over the biscuits, then the cream and garnish each with a biscuit and almonds. You can sprinkle the grated lemon peel.

I suggest you try this option as well as the original Tiramisu recipe

Tiramisu with cherries

We wash the cherries and remove the seeds, then sprinkle them with sugar and let them drain. prepare


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